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"Best way to someone's heart is through d'Petals"

Established in 1998, d’Petals has been providing one-of-a-kind floral arrangements services, striving to make every customer’s experience with us a pleasant and memorable one.

We offer customized arrangements and are not limited to flowers; mementos or fond souvenirs can be used to create an everlasting impression on your loved ones.

Contact us via the various channels below with details of your customisation and we will get back to you with a quote!

1. Whatsapp us at 8869 7131

2. Drop us an email at

Here are some of our past customized arrangements:

Rose & Pineapple Lookalike Flower Bouquet - A unique fusion of Valentines and CNY

99 Rose Bouquet

Krispy Kreme Bouquet - Yums

Rose & Hydrangea Flower Basket

Rainbow Rose Bouquet

Our Commitment

By combining aesthetic arrangements such as floral and balloons with gourmet delights, we present to our customers a unique experience that appeals to the senses - sight, smell, taste and touch.

Our commitment is give each customer a personalised and unforgettable experience when they receive our flowers. Our flowers, sweet treats and any other accompanying props are prepared only when an order is placed - to ensure you get everything in their freshest and most natural state as possible.

It is our belief that floral creation is the special language that translate emotion and wishes while food represents passion and sincerity with their bold and practical appeal to the senses. With this, every floral arrangement and gourmet requests are exquisitely hand-crafted or hand-made by our experienced florist and pastry chefs.

We believe that every occasion will always be unique to our customers. For every request, our team will address each customer’s needs and propose the most appropriate package to meet this need.

In d’Petals, we believe that each floral arrangement is unique for each customer.