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Valentine's Day Single Roses
Valentine's Day Single Roses
Valentine's Day Single Roses
Valentine's Day Single Roses

Valentine's Day Single Roses

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Orders only minimum 4 hours in advance.

Orders placed on Fridays after 4pm cannot be scheduled for delivery on the next day. (E.g. Orders placed on Fri, 15 Jan cannot be scheduled for delivery on Sat, 16 Jan. You can still get it delivered on any other days, including the following Sat, 23 Jan)

As we have overwhelming orders on Saturdays, orders placed on Saturdays can only be delivered earliest on Sunday.

Our operating hours and delivery times/dates may differ during festive periods. We will be updating the periods here so do keep a lookout!

CNY/Valentine Festive Period

D'Petals will be closed on 11th, 12th and 13th. As such, we will not be doing any deliveries on the mentioned dates. We might be able to accomodate to deliveries on the 13th, between 4pm to 8pm. Kindly drop us a Whatsapp message at 8869 7131 to enquire about deliveries on the 13th!

February Delivery Timeslots

Whole of Feb (except 13th & 14th)
8am - 12pm, 12pm - 4pm, 4pm - 8pm

13th Feb
5pm - 10pm

14th Feb
9am - 5pm, 5pm - 10pm

Flowers at flat rate, throughout this festive season!

Surprise your loved one this Valentine's Day!

You can show your love everyday...but the season of love is coming up!
And everyone appreciates something a little extra special on the day that celebrates love.

It is a day for us to express our love, gratitude and admiration for those we respect, but not just for your loved one!

Be it a fellow coworker, a friend or a family member, they deserve to be acknowledged too!
Which is why we have prepared single stalk roses for you to present to those you respect!

Get 1 now and show your appreciation to a loved one!
Or get 5 to enjoy FREE DELIVERY straight to your doorstep!

The flower of love, Roses.

Gift the undying dedication of love, convey your emotions with one of the most memorable flower in the world.

We use only fresh, premium blooms which are best known for their brighter colours and longer shelf life. 
Available in a wide range of colours and each colour giving a different meaning, you can put together the bouquet you need here.

Whether for birthdays, anniversaries or celebrations, find your perfect bouquet with us!

Make it sweeter!

Getting flowers for a surprise or celebration?
Now you can make the gift for your loved one even sweeter by adding an unexpected treat in your order too!
We have indulgent gelatos, moist cakes, assorted tarts or decadant tiramisus suitatable for any craving of the day or occasion.
Bring a smile to their day with beautiful flowers and a delicious sweet treat!

How to add in an extra sweet treat to your order?

All you have to do is select your perfect bouquet.
After you place your order, after clicking on checkout, our selection of sweet treats will pop up for you to pick any dessert you want as an add-on to your order!

As all fresh flowers, fillers & foliage are seasonal, they are subjected to changes based on availability.

D’Petals Commitment For You

Our promise is that we guarantee our flowers will always be the highest quality in freshness.

  • Every bouquet and arrangement will be expertly prepared by our experienced florist.
  • Our courier partner will delivery the bouquets and ensure the safety of the arrangement while doing so.
  • We make every effort to ensure that every bouquet you receive resembles what you ordered as closely as possible.
  • We promise delivery during your selected time slot, however we seek your understanding if any situation goes beyond our control. You will be informed promptly about any delay in advance.

Care For Your Flowers

Fresh flowers will eventually wilt and die however, proper care of your fresh blooms will keep them alive longer and let you enjoy them for just a bit more.

  • Remove the stems from your bouquet to let them breathe.
  • Cut 1-2 inches of the stems and put the flowers in a vase with clean water.
  • Every 24 hrs, just cut about 2cms from the bottom of each flower stem and change the water.
  • However if your flowers arrive in an arrangement form, flowers that are fixed onto a floral foam, then you just need to ensure that the foam remains wet throughout the day.
  • To keep your foam wet, just pour water on the foam so that the foam is completely hydrated.
  • In the case of an arrangement, you don't need to cut the stems.
  • Keep flowers away from sunlight, heating or cooling vents, direct drafts from a ceiling fan and the heated tops such as radiators.
  • Enjoy your flowers! 

Satisfaction guaranteed! Speak to us, we value your feedback, so if there are any issues on our part that are not up to your expectations, we will provide a replacement for free!  

Thank you for your support! We hope you and your loved ones enjoy the unique floral/hampers arrangements and any customised services you have purchased from us!